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Tempus was founded on a mission to create a safe and inclusive space for all. In these unprecedented times, this has presented a new set of challenges, but our commitment to this mission is unwavering.

For our staff this means offering everyone fair chance employment practices. It also means working to dismantle systematic bias and the often traditional hospitality work cultures which lead to instability.  At the forefront of this mission is the health and wellbeing of our team and our community. To that end, Tempus has made the decision to remain take-out only at this time. This decision was not something we came to lightly. However, at the end there were ultimately two main factors. First being our commitment to ensure safe physical distance was able to be practiced at all times. With around 3,000 square feet and our limitation of seven or less employees at any time, there is always the ability to maintain safe distance and plenty of airflow. Secondly, with the inability to predict future restrictions or guidelines we wanted to ensure at all times we could sustain our employee’s financial needs. The benefit to you is we believe this thoughtful approach enables us to offer a superior takeout experience while ensuring that we and our customers remain safe and healthy.

But don’t worry, this food is meant for travel! All of our dishes, from preparation to packaging, have been developed specifically for a take-out experience. Our hope is that enjoying Tempus takeout is a chance to bring a thoughtful dining experience into your home and offer the same level of precision and joy as if you were in were in our own dining room.

On top of our already rigorous health, safety and cleanliness parameters, each day we’re taking steps to exceed recommended safety guidelines. Some of these steps may be new for our industry, but we value the chance to build new platforms which keep our team, and our guests, healthy. At Tempus, these policies include a few easy steps like mandatory face coverings, worn properly, for anyone entering the space (no exceptions, no matter what) and deliveries being dropped at our door, to deeper efforts which include employee health screening and risk assessments and weekly no-cost Covid-19 testing. And because we believe healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege, we offer paid sick time for our team members. We believe such practices should be industry standard and your continued support helps us work towards a more equitable hospitality industry. 

Thank you for all of your support. We look forward to serving you curbside, for now, and in our dining room as soon as we feel it is safe to open it up.

Ben Grupe + the Tempus team